Monday, May 01, 2006


Even idiots can see that the Republican "energy plan" is stupid. To wit:

"What kind of insult is this? Instead of buying us off and treating us like we're a bunch of whores, just solve the problem."

Who said this? Rush Limbaugh. Even the drug-addled, mentally unstable, completely idiotic Limbaugh can see through this sham.

However, the idiocy crosses party lines. To wit:

A few days before the Republicans went public with their plan, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Democrat of Michigan, proposed a $500 rebate plan, a figure that she said was more commensurate with how much the higher gas prices will cost Americans this year.

I didn't think politicians would be so blatant in their pandering, but I was wrong. For the first time in my life, I agree with Rush.

Read the article here.

Also, while the rhetoric is getting richer about alternative fuels, Speaker Hastert arrives at a photo-op in a hydrogen powered vehicle. After driving away from the press, he sneaks into his gas hog a few blocks away. See the photo here.

If the American people cannot see through this hypocrisy and demagogy, they deserve to be manipulated.

BTW, H.L. Mencken, my hero, defined a demagogue as "one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots."

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