Friday, October 16, 2015

Teaching, dumpster diving, and wrestling

Why do so many teachers quit?
"What's pushing so many teachers out of the profession? Richard Ingersoll, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has been trying to answer that question for years. He's found that teachers often cite long hours and low pay as contributing to their dissatisfaction. But teachers are even more upset by their lack of say over key decisions affecting classrooms. Volumes of other research echo this theme. In a 2014 Gallup Poll, teachers ranked last among 12 professional groups in agreeing that their opinion at work matters."

One low-income school, Mission High in San Francisco, took this lesson to heart and began empowering teachers. The results were impressive. Read about it here.

The pro dumpster diver who is making BANK
 For one day's work, "Malone estimates he will earn $5,091 in sales. This adds up to more than $2,500 for each night out, which, despite a good deal of downtime answering my questions, is a pretty good haul. At that rate, if he were to work 240 days a year—a five-day workweek with four weeks of vacation—he would earn over $600,000 annually. "

This almost made me want to quit my job and to become a professional dumpster diver.

How an at-risk, one-legged wrestler made it to the top of the wrestling world, then walked away
I read this in The Best American Sports Writing 2015. The title makes it sound like it's going to be a Lifetime movie in print, but it's much more complex than that. For instance, instead of describing him "overcoming adversity," the article asks "Did Robles win in spite of his one-leggedness, or because of it? It's an ungracious question, but it deserves consideration."

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