Monday, July 16, 2007

Rescue Dawn, part three

Starting after this post, I'll shut up about this movie until I see it, but Salon has some great things to say about "Rescue Dawn."
The box-office figures suggest that most of us preferred to spend that day grilling wieners (although given the movie's limited release, it's not faring too badly). But if you're looking for a weekend movie that's heart-stoppingly suspenseful and inspiring, as well as brainy, funny, and strange, seek out Rescue Dawn. Though at times the film wears the camouflage of a conventional war movie, it's neither patriotic nor anti-patriotic. Instead, it's a celebration of its hero's life force, an awestruck hymn to pure survival.
Sadly, the movie isn't playing in this town. I like this town for a lot of reasons, but a cornucopia of cultural opportunities is not one of them.

Read the article (titled "Go See Rescue Dawn") here.

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The McGuffin said...

I sure hope it comes here eventually. It better. We sometimes get the film shaft, "Once" has been out since May...wonder if it will ever make it here. I have heard nothing but raves.

M'friend...I see you have added "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" to thy que...that's one I've been dying to see. I remember the hype about it last year...then nothing. Hope it's good.