Sunday, July 15, 2007

Action movie one-liners

To "honor" the release of "Live Free, Die Hard," had a contest where readers created a pithy action-movie one-liner to rival "Die Hard"'s "Yipee ki-yay, motherf******). Here are some of the results.

"Less talk, more dying."
"Welcome to America, douchebag."
"Your ass is about to get its own ass handed to it."

While these are fine, I really had hoped for better. How about "Nighty night, bad guy."
Or, "You hungry? Eat this, fatso!" Or, "You look like a sissy." Or, "Tell me what it feels like to know you're gonna die." Or, "Take one last look, f*ck-knuckle."

Any other ideas?

Read the Slate article here.

1 comment:

Robert Archer said...

How 'bout this: "Yur a terr'ist. Terr'ists are bad. Thus, yur bad, and bad peoples gots ta die!!!"

Or this one: "Let me open up a can a good ole fashioned ass-kickin' 'Merican patriotism for ya!"

Or finally: "Tell Lucifer I'll talk to him real soon!"