Monday, July 31, 2006

Going down with the ship

While they are a weird, dying breed--they have only four members left due to their vow of chastity--the Shakers seem to be more concerned with devotion than sanctimony.

One Shaker said "I don't know the mind of God." In a world where innocent children die, this is the only view of God that makes any sense.

He also said "The whole concept of the Shaker life is to emulate, as fully as we possibly can, the life of Christ." And, unlike many, they live based on their principles.

The article also states that Shakers have never sought tax-exempt status as a religious group. They're not about the filthy lucre. That's admirable.

But, alas, only four Shakers remain, and the youngest one is 49. Apparently piety alone cannot help a religion survive.

Read the article here.

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