Monday, January 09, 2006

Show me what you got

I was perusing the official White House site today (I was looking for a picture of Dick Cheney--it's a long, stupid story) when I came across the official Bill Clinton biography. While reminiscing about the glory days, imagine my surprise when I came across a grammar/usage mistake.

Can you find it?


Moe said...

I was graduated from the University of Idaho and you were graduated from the University of Washington, but Big Bill...well, he was graduated from Georgetown University.

If I'm wrong on this one, then it sure sounds right to be wrong.

Stacy said...

I thought that was it too. But I did some web searching and a site I found said both were ok to use as long as the word was followed by "from". And since I found it on the web it has to be true.

p.s. I have neither graduated, nor been graduated from anywhere.

Eric said...

It's welfare roll, not role.

Stacy said...