Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We'll take the no children section, please...

An article in today's New York Times pointed out a growing trend of restaurants being openly hostile toward children.

I have not noticed this trend in Spokane, but I did notice it in certain areas of Seattle, especially on Capitol Hill. Whereas if my kids misbehave at a restaurant here the people knowingly or wistfully smile, in Seattle, the second you walk in to a trendy cafe with kids in tow, you are met with a sigh and a stone face, and that is even before they have had the chance to prove themselves bratty or not.

I think this trend is isolated, so far, in metro, trendy urban enclaves. But the day may soon be coming where, instead of being asked, "smoking or non," you will be asked "children or no." (Actually, after the most recent ballot, you won't be asked smoking or non any longer. This initiative passing is another example of the tyranny of the majority.)

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