Saturday, November 12, 2005

The nerve of this guy

First, Mike Love ruins possibly one of the best songs of all time, "God Only Knows," with his "ba ba ba ba ba"s during the bridge.

Next, he turns the Beach Boys into a laughingstock with his dumbass post-Brian-Wilson songs and his dumbass tropical baseball cap and his dumbass demeanor.

Then he has the temerity to do this.


RemiO said...

Love's a great writer, man. He wrote the whole "good night little baby, sleep tight little baby" part of "Wouldn't it be Nice." The words of a true wordsmith.

Cronkites said...

It's my belief that when a really, really bad person (i.e., child molesters and other sex offenders, Mass murderers, or George W. Bush) dies, there will be a special place in Hell where they are subject to Mike Love's songs, interviews, politics, and other "teachings" for all of eternity. I cannot overstate how evil this sick shithead really is.

Eric said...

If by "wordsmith" you mean "idiot," I totally agree.