Sunday, September 25, 2005

Neocon quiz

Stacy emailed me this neocon quiz. Amazingly, the site told me I was a liberal. Here is the full description, followed by my opinion as to whether I am guilty of the charge or not:

Trace much of today's anti-American hatred to previous US foreign policies. GUILTY
Believe political solutions are inherently superior to military solutions. HUNG JURY
Believe the US is morally bound to intervene in humanitarian crises. GUILTY
Oppose American imperialism. GUILTY
Support international law, alliances, and agreements. HUNG JURY
Encourage US participation in the UN. NOT GUILTY
Believe US economic policies must help lift up the world's poor. HUNG JURY

Historical liberal: President Woodrow Wilson
Modern liberal: President Jimmy Carter

SIDE NOTE: Jimmy Carter is proof positive that a great guy does not necessarily make a great president.

P.S. I more quizzes for a while


Jake Dunkin said...


I found the quiz to be quite a piece of work. The questions seemed to be carefully constructed and baited. The answers that I chose tended to make me sound like some kind of "whacked out, freedom hating pussy." Maybe it's just time we sort the whole thing out with a global dick-measuring contest. I think it's coming soon.

Eric said...

I'll lose.

Stacy said...

Be careful. I hear they grow 'em big in Texas.