Thursday, August 18, 2005

Like vs. Respect

My friend Pat and I have begun an interesting discussion. I believe it began when discussing Bruce Springsteen's The Rising. I mentioned that I loved that album, and that it might be my favorite Springsteen album. Pat concurred. I mentioned, though, that the critics liked Bruce much more than I did. I said I respect him more than I like him.

Pat mentioned that he respects Jimi Hendrix more than he likes him. I respect Tom Waits more than I like him. The list goes on.

On the other hand, we wondered who we like more than we respect. For instance, I like Van Halen much more than I respect them. I guess this falls into the "guilty pleasure" category.

I am curious who you like more than you respect or vice versa. Post your nominees!!


Jefferson Workman said...

I like Mr. Mxyzptlk more than I respect him.
I like Bizarro more than I respect him.
I respect Composite Superman more than I like him.
I respect Aquaman more than I like him.
I respect Robin, The Boy Wonder more than I like him.
I respect DC Comics more than I like them
I respect Stan Lee more than I like him.

Dave Starry said...

I like Jeff Workman more than I respect him...

Cronkites said...

I respect Phish way more than I'll ever be capable of liking them.

On the other hand, I like Fish (Abe Vigoda) more than I respect him.

Anonymous said...

Remember the classic song Fish Heads? I would say that I respect Barnes & Barnes more than I like them...that band should have headlined at Live Aid.

But I digress. The 2 artists I respect more than I like would have to be Bob Dylan and Marilyn Manson. Love MM for what he stands for...pissing off clergy and parents but his music lacks that timeless quality.

Here's the onion in the ointment...I like Devo and Abba waaaaayyy more than I respect them.

Focker out.

MC said...

I respect Neil Young and The Grateful Dead more than I like them.

I'm sure I have more guilty pleasures than this, but off the top of my head-I like Sheryl Crow more than I respect her.

Eric said...

That's weird, Pat. I was thinking about this question, and the Grateful Dead AND Sheryl Crow came up in the exact same context. I totally agree with those two. I would have said the same thing about Neil Young five years ago, but I like him more now.

Anonymous said...

I respect Wilco more than I like them. Alt-country-indie-gone-wild never did it for me.


Anonymous said...

I respect anything Sonic Youth has done since Goo more than I like it.

I like Naked Raygun more than I respect 'em.


Anonymous said...

As I had mentioned during breakfast, I have a group that actually falls into both categories for me. Green Day.

Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up...

I respect the early, pre Dookie era, but really didn't care for their music. HOWEVER, I liked Dookie and most of what they've put out since, but I no longer respect them since they're such sell-outs. Did you see those losers on the MTV music Awards? Sad.

Anonymous said...

I got it. The one artist that I respect to death but personally would never buy one of her CD's. Anton...drum roll please...Tina Turner.


Anonymous said...

I like to make dookie more than I respect it