Friday, August 19, 2005


The news just keeps getting worse for America's public schools. Here is the latest news flash worrying about what we, as educators, are doing about the "dropout" problem.

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao explained that schools routinely fail to impart dropouts with the critical lying- and sitting-around skills they need to thrive in today's jobless market.
"Our public high schools place too much focus on preparing kids for professional careers," Chao said. "This waste of resources leaves our dropouts, the majority of whom have no chance of ever finding a job, wholly unprepared to sleep till 1 p.m., or watch daytime television while eating ramen noodles out of an upturned Frisbee."

Read the rest of the story here.


Anonymous said...

Kids drop out of school because it conflates education with consequence based instruction. For a more in depth view of my opinion, check out Ivan Illich's book regarding deskooling (or, alternatively, because I did in fact pass English class, De-Schooling).


Eric said...

The article is from The Onion. It's satire. It's supposed to be funny.