Friday, July 08, 2005

From the May 10 Christian Science Monitor:

An educational study titled "A New Look at Public and Private Schools:
Student Background and Mathematics Achievement" appears in the May issue of Phi Delta Kappan, a highly regarded education journal.

Analyzing raw data from the 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress for 28,000 fourth- and eighth-graders representing more than 1,300 public and private schools, Mrs. Lubienski, whose research focuses on equity issues in math education, was surprised by what she was seeing. When children of similar socioeconomic status were compared, the public school children scored higher. See the entire article here.

So, evidence keeps piling up that private schools are not all it's cracked up to be. Which leads me to a question. With this evidence, why would people pay good money to send their children to private schools? To keep their precious little childrean away from the "riff raff." So it is a matter of class, after all. You send your kids to private school because you can afford to.

Further, this study points to a theme I've been seeing lately. The free market is often inefficient. I know this is blasphemy to say in a capitalist society, but that's simply the truth. Look at malpractice insurance premiums. Here is an abstract of an article:

Study Says Malpractice Payouts Aren't Rising
Study to be released by Center for Justice and Democracy, consumer advocacy group, finds net claims for medical malpractice paid by 15 leading insurance companies have remained flat over last five years, while net premiums have surged 120 percent; from 2000 to 2004, increase in premiums collected by leading 15 medical malpractice insurance companies was 21 times increase in claims they paid.

The insurance companies are gouging the doctors. How do we fix that? Regulation.


Jim said...

People send their kids to private schools because they hate the progressive views of the public school system. Many people who feel this way are not rich and this is why home schooling is becoming so popular.

You know I love you, but the attitude you show in this post is the reason why libs continue to loss election after election.

Eric said...

What progressive views are you referring to?

Karyn said...

I would be interested to know what "progressive views" Jim is referring to regarding public schools also. Are we in favor of sheltering our kids from every possible negative experience and are these negative and detrimental situations exclusive to the public school system? Or are you referring to evolution or something related to religion or lack of religion?

Jim said...

My kids go to public schools. I have no problem with public schools. Eric was making a statement that people send their kids to private schools because they are rich. I was saying the ones I know are not rich. They send their kids to private schools or even home school them because they want a more traditional viewpoint being shared. More in line with their Christian faith. There are many examples of this but I think you know what I mean. They feel more comfortable knowing their kids are taking religion classes. Where Creation is getting fair time in science. I also think some of them feel it is more of a safe haven than public schools even though we know this not to be the case.

Public schools ( rightfully so) can never put this viewpoint in the forefront therefore parents look for other alternatives.

"Are we in favor of sheltering our kids from every possible negative experience and are these negative and detrimental situations exclusive to the public school system?"

No and No.