Sunday, January 03, 2016

Getting a confession no matter what

If you are as fascinated with the Netflix series Making a Murderer as I was, you might also be interested to know about the Reid Technique, the method police used to interrogate Brendan Dassey. Police around the country use it. And, apparently, it sucks. To wit: 

"A growing number of scientists and legal scholars have raised concerns about Reid-style interrogation. Of the three hundred and eleven people exonerated through post-conviction DNA testing, more than a quarter had given false confessions—including those convicted in such notorious cases as the Central Park Five. The extent of the problem is unknowable, because there’s no national database on wrongful convictions. But false confessions, which often lead to these convictions, are not rare, and experts say that Reid-style interrogations can produce them."

Read the great New Yorker piece about it here.


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