Monday, November 16, 2015

Bob and David's best sketch and Tom Petty's biography

Bob and David return
In honor of a new season of w/Bob and David on Netflix (which I haven't watched yet--God I hope it's good!), here is what many consider their best sketch.

Tom Petty biography
When Tom Petty asked musician Warren Zanes, a former member of the Del Fuegos and now a professor at NYU, to write his biography, Zanes was ecstatic. He worried, though, that Petty would want an "authorized" biography. But according to the story told on the New Yorker website, that's not how Petty rolls. "Petty’s only condition was that he get to read the completed manuscript and be given the opportunity to respond to anything he felt needed it."

Now the book is done, and Petty has read it. What did he think?:
Tom Petty in 1976.'At the end of the process, as was their agreement, Zanes sent Petty the book, and then flew out to California to hear his judgment in person. Out came Petty, walking his walk, carrying the manuscript. “And he’s just kind of patting this thing and I’m thinking, This could go any one of ten thousand ways. And he said, ‘This is really good.’ ” He sounded just like Tom Petty when he said it.'
I gotta read this book

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