Sunday, November 07, 2010

Open Letter to Bill Gates

"Dear Bill,

I am a public school parent in your own general neighborhood of Seattle. I realize you have an interest in public education, and are a major participant and funder in the current "education reform" efforts being attempted nationally.

Unfortunately, I don't agree with a number of the choices and "investments" you are making in our schools. I believe they have not been that effective, and some of them are even damaging.

Read the rest of the open letter here.

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Erik Moeller said...

I'm a little behind catching up on your blog as you can see.

What are your thoughts on this article? I think she brings up a lot of valid points.

On the flip side, the US has fallen behind in education from where we were when we were kids. Bill is one of the few I have heard about that are actually investing into changes to try and make it better (even if his investments don't always work). I am sure there are others working for change, I just don't hear about them like I hear about Bill.