Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Colorado River Bridge

My family went on a driving vacation through Arizona, Utah and Nevada, and as we drove over Hoover Dam, we saw this bridge nearing completion. It seems impossibly high in the air, and it seems to span an impossibly long chasm. It was breathtaking.

Now that it's complete (according to this article from the New York Times), I almost feel as if I have to take my third trip down to Hoover Dam, not only to see the bridge, but to look down on Hoover Dam from the bridge. What an amazing view that appears to be.

My only concern now is that people won't visit the dam itself, and that would be a shame. Because the Art Deco design of the entire Hoover Dam visitor's area made me feel a little as if I'd gone back in time, I thought it was a crucial part of the visit. Also, the ability to stand atop the dam and to look straight down is one of the most vertigo-inducing experiences a person can have (though Arizona and Utah are filled with vertigo-inducing experiences like the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park).

But my concerns are outweighed by the hope that this new bridge will bring more visitors to one of the most amazing sites in America.

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