Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Got this in my email today,


MC said...

So does this mean you agree?

I am SURE that separation of religion and state brought about this economic disparity. And I am sure these Christian parents are too busy to teach prayer at home...

Eric said...

Do you really think I agree with this? Maybe we need to talk more often.

Andrew said...

Firstly, how much time does it really take to teach someone to pray? Can you get a degree in prayerology from ITT Tech? Secondly, aren't kids allowed to pray at school already, the only restriction being no staff involvement?

Eric said...

No way can kids pray in my class. If I see their minds wandering and a halo appearing over their heads, I throw an eraser at them. I'm just trying to make sure we have more gunplay in the halls.

Plus, they're doing it wrong.

MC said...

Sorry I was being ironic, in terms of people who believe crap like this, I guess it really goes without saying though...

Anonymous said...

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