Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Watching sports

Paradoxically, I find that I enjoy watching sporting events more when I don't care who wins.

When I care who wins (like now, when I hope the Phillies can defeat the Evil Empire), I get much too upset when bad things happen. I just turned the TV off after Utley struck out in the 7th.

When I don't care, I am able to appreciate all aspects of the game--all of the good play on both sides.

So when I don't care, I find myself, no matter which team is pitching, cheering great athletic prowess. I enjoy it more as an aesthetic experience.

When I root, I end up hating great performances. For instance, I never got to enjoy watching Michael Jordan play, because I was so busy rooting against him.

In this world series, I have tried to watch it more aesthetically and to be less partial. In game 4, I was able to watch Mariano Rivera and, for the first time, really enjoy watching him pitch. I need to try to do that more.

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