Friday, October 09, 2009

Movies about Sports

Are there any movies about sports where the actors actually do a good job of the sport? Where the action scenes seem realistic?

I honestly can't remember one that looks authentic. I just watched a movie (or part of it, anyway) called "Sugar" about a pitcher from the DR trying to make it into the bigs. The movie made a big show of not using a double for the character when he was pitching, but his fastball might have been 65 miles an hour, and the batters kept whiffing on it. Then, in his first minor league start, the third baseman made an "error," and it was painfully clear that it was an actor purposely letting a ball roll through his legs.

Looking back, I can't remember a sports movie that made the playing of the game seem real.


MC said...

Other than the bad sports acting-how was Sugar-it has been getting rave reviews.

Hoosiers looked pretty authentic in the sports scenes if I remember correctly.

Eric said...

I think the critics like the realistic aspects of the film--the actors are clearly all Dominicans, and much of the film is subtitled. But, other than that, it is pure Hollywood script structure.

I think I just don't like sports movies.

Anonymous said...

How can you not like remember the titans, The Express, or Miracle?

dave starry said...

One word...Rollerball.