Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Rules

The Onion AV Club does a great feature where they ask famous people to put their iPods on shuffle and talk about the songs. They hardly ever do it any more, and I miss it. I don't have time right now to discuss each song, but here are twelve songs that came up when I put my iPod on shuffle.

All Hands On the Bad One - Sleater-Kinney
Winter - The Rolling Stones, Goat's Head Soup
Won't Let You Down - Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos
Nightclub (live) - Rhett Miller
Stupid Memory - Sondre Lerche, Two Way Monologue
Wonderwall (live) - Ryan Adams
Laughing - REM, Murmur
F*ck the Police - NWA
The Other End of the Telescope - Elvis Costello
A Song for You - Gram Parsons
A Good Man is Hard to Find - Sufjan Stevens
One of These Days - Neil Young


MC said...

Looks like you have more"classic rock" on your iPod (The Rolling Stones & Neil Young), lots of over lap with REM, Gram Parsons, Elvis, Rhett Miller, Wilco, Ryan Adams.

What's on Foxtrot demos?

NWA...nice I could use that track,

Who is Sondre Lerche?

I'll send you an iPod update invitation on Facebook later, you might dig it

Eric said...

Sondre Lerche is a Scandanavian wunderkind who write very complex pop songs (a la Elvis Costello). He is immensely talented, and I think his first record came out when he was a teen. I was excited and surprised to see him open for Elvis here in Spokane. Next time you're here, I'll load you up on some. I'll also load you up the Foxtrot Demos. It's really good.

The McGuffin said...

"Winter" by The Stones is one of my all-time hidden Stones songs. The production is perfect, paints a vivid wintery picture via Keith's lonely guitar and Charlie's random drumming. Love that tune.