Saturday, November 01, 2008

Fair and Balanced

In the following clip, a Fox News anchor "interviews" Bill Burton, a spokesman for Barack Obama. Of course, we know before we watch it that sparks will fly. That isn't the reason, though, that I have posted the clip.

What amazes me is not how rude the anchor is. What amazes me about this clip can be summarized quantitatively. The video in the clip is 6 minutes 55 seconds long. The anchor speaks for 4:07 of the clip. That is roughly 60 percent of the total running time.

What journalism school teaches that interviewing technique?


Anonymous said...

Megan kelly does this will all guests not just liberals.

This is her style. She has the highest ratings of any cable morning show so she continues to do it.


Eric said...

The point was not that she does this to liberals, conservatives, whomever...the point is that this is terrible, terrible journalism.