Wednesday, January 30, 2008

State of the Union by the Numbers

Time Magazine put together a look at what President Bush said in his final State of the Union Address delivered Monday night. They listed the most common words from his speech. Each word is scaled in proportion to the number of times it was used. I was kind of surprised. Before you click, try to guess the top three and post them in the comments section.


The McGuffin said...

I think I was the only one in our circle of friends to watch every moment of his last State of the Union I should be able to get this.

3. "liberty"
2. "economy"
1. "duh"

Eric said...

I'm sorry, Rob, I think you misunderstood my question. I asked for the three most common words he spoke, not the only three words going through his head.

Better luck next time.

Moe said...

I didn't listen to the speech or read anything on it yet, but I would have to guess that economy was highly used.

Eric said...

I didn't guess economy, because I figured he would want to point our attention AWAY from the subprime debacle.

I guessed freedom/liberty and future would be up there, because both of those words point away from the lack of freedom/liberty in the present.

MC said...

1. economy
2. progress
3. safety

I guess he's still spinning the war as somewhat of a success with progress being made.

Robert Archer said...

1. freedom
2. nucular
3. Iran/Iraq (they're the same, right?)

Robert Archer said...
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dave starry said...


How'd I do?

Eric said...

You were very close, Dave. You missed Jesus and decider. Better luck next year with Obama's speech.