Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Key to Reserva


Eric said...

I decided to put my post in the comments section so as to not ruin the surprise of the film.

The premise is that Scorcese finds a lost Hitchcock script, but the entire film turns out to be an ad for champagne or something.

I know my friend Rob will not like this, as he hated the Wes Anderson American Express commercials, but I loved this short. It's a great homage to "North by Northwest" (even down to small details like the initials R.O.T. on the handkerchief). It's too bad it had to be a commercial

karyn said...

Wasn't there also an homage to "The Birds" and "Rear Window"? I too loved it and even when it ended did not know it was an ad for champagne. Do you realize there was no dialogue in the storyline? I find it so impressive that directors and writers can convey so much with just pictures. Did you notice Thelma, your favorite editor?

Eric said...

Yes, it was a Hitchcockraganza!!!

It's good to see the grand old lady, Dame Schoonmaker, getting some screen time.

MC said...

What did you think of Eastern Promises and The Wire Season 1?

Eric said...

I didn't really love A History of Violence, and I can say the same about Eastern Promises. There is something David-Lynchian about Cronenberg that I just can't get past--the mannered way his characters behave--it's as if Cronenberg studied how real humans behave, and he can present an interesting simulation of human behavior, but I just can't feel any soul. I think it's just me.

As for The Wire, I have only watched the first episode. The dialogue is sharp and the story is interesting. I think I'll like it, but some of the acting is pretty damn suspect. I hope that gets better.

MC said...

I figured that Eastern Promises wouldn't be your cup of tea, since you didn't like A HIstory of Violence.

Incidently, I recently watched Criems & Misdemeanors not long ago myself. Still one of my favorites.

I'd be curious to hear what you think of The WIre after you've finished the frist season. I think that it is a bit like Aressted Development ad 30 Rock, in that you need to know the characters well to appreciate the jokes and see how they develop over the course of a season.