Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who Would Have Thought?

Rivals.com chose the Gonzaga Bulldogs men's team as only the third best team in the state.

WSU is preseason #13, UW is #30, and GU is #31.

It might be a great year for hoops in this state.

(EWU clocked in at #325. Ouch.)


The McGuffin said...

Rivals is goofy. The talk I have heard around here is that this GU team is Final Four material and is one of the best Zag squads to grace the hardcourt in years...guess we shall see...

Eric said...

I'm sure the talk you've heard must be true, since people in Spokane never overestimate how good the Zags are.

MC said...

WSU guards Low and weaver were named the 4th best backcourt in the nation by Sports Illustraded.com

I think all three teams have a chance of going deep in the tourney this year.