Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Don't Get It


Robert Archer said...

What don't you get? It's Star Wars, man! She's THE WINNER! How could she not be? Did you not understand that it's Star Wars?

The McGuffin said...

Where do I begin...part two.

She obviously chose Star Wars to appeal to the masses, everyone knows the theme to SW, right?

And it's a very easy song to play, even badly on the trumpet. If she attempted to go off on some freeform jazz, she would implode.

Dig just how deep her horn is in the mix, it's barely audible. One tiny, bright silver lining there.

The Charlie Chaplin bit is completely hurts my soul.

I can hear Leonard Pinth Garnell in my head..."Well, that wasn't too good now, was it. Simply dreadful."

Jake D said...

I hope Stacy does Lord of the Rings at the fair next year!