Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Great Day

I'm so lucky.

After my seven-year-old went to a friend's house this morning to play, my ten-year-old wanted to watch a movie before the Seahawks game. I gave her a few choices, but she said she wanted something with a lot of snappy dialogue like "His Girl Friday." So we chose the Preston Sturges classic "The Palm Beach Story."

We watched half of the movie (it's not as funny as his best movie, "Sullivan's Travels," but we enjoyed it), then watched the Seahawks game together. That's right--my daughter and I watched not only a 1940s black and white comedy, but we watched a whole football game together, too. I must be in heaven.

Then we went outside and played catch with the football. She has such a good arm, she overthrew me, hit a neighbor's car and set off the alarm. Oops.

I repeat, I'm a lucky guy.

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The McGuffin said...

GW rocks...sounds like a perfect day with a perfect daughter.