Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Harvard Shmarvard

I have noticed over the years that writers who are Harvard graduates will be sure to let us know early in articles that they went to Harvard. Often they will do so in an offhand, parenthetical fashion, as if it is not really worth mentioning. Looking back, I can't recall if I've ever seen graduates from other universities do the same thing. It is as if, in one simple statement, the writer has earned instant credibility.

This article waits until the third paragraph. Notice how unnecessary it is.

This article can only wait until the third sentence.


Robert Archer said...

Just because you are a mere peon of a Huskie and therefore have absolutely zero credibility as a writer, don't let that ugly green monster reveal himself so very easily in your writing. It's so unbecoming.

Eric said...

I weep every evening into my pillow--the pillow which has rested lo these twenty years atop my Harvard rejection letter. Curse you, Rob, for opening my wounds afresh.