Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Six Movie Formulas That Must Be Stopped

This is a great article, though I'm surprised the writers only came up with six.

The number one movie formula that must be stopped is absolutely spot on: "Put Robin Williams in a Comedy, Sit Back and Let Him Work His Magic"

I don't hate Robin Williams. I just don't think he is funny. My students are appalled when I tell them this. I watched ALL of the most recent "On Broadway" special on HBO, and I chuckled once. The following excerpt helps explain why I don't think Robin Williams is funny:
Why It Needs To Stop: We're at a total loss for the best Robin Williams comedy. Mrs. Doubtfire, maybe? He threw a piece of fruit at Pierce Brosnan. That's gotta stand for something, right? Aladdin gets points because we don't ever actually have to see Williams once, though the same five or six impressions he's been doing his entire career are everywhere. Without a standout winner, it is reasonable to conclude, then, that this formula has never once worked, which is astounding considering it's been used for close to thirty years and shows no signs of stopping.
(Sidenote: he was kind of funny in The Aristocrats. Speaking of The Aristocrats, who knew Bob Saget was so funny?)

Read the article here.

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The McGuffin said...

One Robin Williams movie you might want to check out is The Survivors. I'd be curious to see if you think it has any comedic value. I loved it. Robin has many hilarious lines as does Walter Matthau...and it has Jerry Reed as a hitman with a heart...how can you go wrong? Trust, it's worth the time.