Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A great idea for a list

The Onion's A.V. Club has an article on their website now called "Ten Directors You Didn't Know You Hated." It's a cool idea for an article--here's a taste:
3. Brian Robbins
"How does a movie score in the 90s with audiences and get a 9% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes?" How indeed, Brian Robbins. Incensed over the poor reviews given to the back-to-back box-office smashes Norbit (which he directed) and Wild Hogs (which he produced), Robbins made that statement while lashing out at critics for being out of touch with the great unwashed. But he should know that movies like Norbit and Wild Hogs will win money, not respect, because they regurgitate tired old jokes, crowd-pleasing formulas, and risible stereotypes—particularly Norbit, which is so retrograde that it turned back the clock several decades. Before scoring with those films and a remake of The Shaggy Dog (which includes the dream-haunting image of Tim Allen licking Kristin Davis on the cheek), Robbins was the go-to guy for lame sports movies, putting his stamp on dust-collectors like Summer Catch, Hard Ball, Ready To Rumble, and Varsity Blues. Only the latter was a hit. It's featured (in 30-minute sections) on "Movie Mondays" at The Office's Dunder-Mifflin, so maybe it's one for the ages after all.

See the entire article here.

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