Monday, May 21, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

The story, in bullet form
  • Jim Kenefick runs an anti-Micheal Moore website,
  • Jim's wife gets sick
  • Jim can't afford to pay medical bills
  • Jim gets an anonymous $12,000 check to pay one year of health care premiums
  • Jim can't figure out where the check came from
  • Jim searches and searches, finds out the check is legit, then cashes it
  • Jim finds out, through great searching, it is very likely that the check is from his arch-nemesis Michael Moore
  • Michael Moore doesn't comment (as he can't be reached--he's at a film festival)
  • Jim responds on his blog:
“If it was you, Mikey…your $12,000 doesn’t buy my silence. It won’t buy my affection, nor will I shy away from talking about whatever may or may not be in your new film.

"I knew he was using me. Moore is going to try to make me into one of his little puppets."
Now, I know that Moore could be accused of grandstanding, but if so, this is a lot more subtle than Moore has ever been. And Jim is being a real jerk about it on his website.

Read the story in the NY Sun here.
Read Jim's blog entry here.

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The McGuffin said...

Man, that's cold. Arctic Circle type cold. It's always a beautiful thing when pride gets in the way of reason. Has Moore issued any statement about this?