Monday, July 03, 2006


I just had my car stolen for the second time. Apparently, Saturns are easy to steal; according to the SPD officer who came by my house, all thieves need is a "shaved" key, whatever that is, to get in and to turn the ignition.

The first time they (I'm assuming it was more than one person) stole it, about three weeks ago, they got my ten-disc CD changer stereo and other items in my trunk, such as a bunch of sweatshirts (?), a trenchcoat (!), and some tennis balls (?!) among other things. However, they left our garage door opener and my tennis racquet (the strings were broken, so they probably thought it was worthless--dumbasses). When they finished riffling through my car, they abandoned it at some seedy motel on east Trent. The police found a fingerprint on the rearview mirror.

This morning, we were awakened by an officer knocking on the door, informing us that our car had been stolen again, and the culprits had been arrested. Officers were waiting for us to pick up our vehicle where they found it, near a drug house by 4th and Fiske, behind the Fred Meyer on Freya. The thieves stole a stack of unimportant papers, a clipboard, a portfolio and I can't really tell what else, but nothing of any value. I am interested to see if the prints of the perps will match the prints from the first theft.

I feel like an idiot for two reasons. First, I should have done something to avoid getting it stolen again. Second, I shouldn't have had one thing in that car.

It looks like I'll have to stop parking my car on the street, get a Club, or move the tent trailer out of the garage and resume parking the Saturn there. What a pain in the ass.

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