Thursday, July 20, 2006


WASHINGTON, July 18 — With Education Secretary Margaret Spellings joining them in a show of support, Congressional Republicans proposed Tuesday to spend $100 million on vouchers for low-income students in chronically failing public schools around the country to attend private and religious schools.
The legislation, modeled on a pilot program here, would pay for tuition and private tutoring for some 28,000 students seeking a way out of public schools that fail to raise test scores sufficiently for at least five years.

One question: why? Why not spend the $100 million making these chronically failing schools better? Hot on the heels of a study (conducted under the auspices of Bush's Department of Education) showing basically no difference between public and private schools, the Bush administration proposes giving private schools a $100 million windfall. Research suggests this "solution" will NOT provide a better education for kids.

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Jake Dunkin said...

Man... You could almost see this coming. It seems like the Republicans don't like to look at facts and data unless it somehow supports their agenda. No matter how painfully obvious it is.

"No WMDs?? Well... hmmm.... there around here somewhere, I just know it."