Thursday, June 01, 2006 the East Side

On Thursday, I was officially chosen, from among four members of our department who applied, as the Department Chair for the English department at my school. That means I am sort of a "manager" for 20 or so of the 100 staff members at our school. It is a huge jump in responsibility and a small jump in pay. I will also get an extra period off.

Starting next week, I will be involved in the hiring process for two new teachers. So, basically, the job begins today.

I am incredibly nervous about screwing up, but I also believe it is a new challenge for which I am ready.


s. michael said...

You'll be great. I hope you enjoy your new adventure.

MC said...

Congratulations, I think it's a challenge you are ready for, and definatley qualified for. Should I get my resume in order? ;)