Thursday, April 06, 2006


Just got back from camping with Karyn's family at Hawk Creek. We got to try out the new tent trailer. Man that thing is nice. It is a 2003 Coleman Bayside Elite with a slideout dining area and two king beds. The only problem is it's a little too big to pull behind our six cylinder minivan; it had a hard time going up hills. So I am looking for a new, smaller trailer. As soon as I buy it, I will sell the trailer we have now.

The good news is we bought the trailer for $3500 below average retail blue book. The woman who sold it to us had bought it new, and all she wanted to do was pay off her loan; that's why we got a good deal.

Anyway, back to camping. It was cold and rainy, but isn't it always during camping. The kids didn't care. They went hiking, fishing, bike riding, exploring. At one point, Grace said, "If this is what camping is going to be like, I'm going to be a happy kid."

We forgot our camera, but as soon as I get pictures from Karyn's folks, I'll post a few.

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