Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Senior night

I was asked to announce the final home game for the LC boys' team tonight. Though it is Valentine's Day, I did the coach a favor. Before the game, the seniors were called out and recognized for their commitment to the team. The emotion of this night is rarely lost on anyone, and tonight I felt it acutely. For most of these guys, this is the last time their name will ever be called over a loudspeaker--this is the last organized team sport they will ever play.

Come to think of it, the emotion IS lost on some people: the seniors--the very people being honored. If they realized what a rite of passage this is, what a culmination of so many things, what a huge closing of a door this really is, they would be overcome with emotion. Instead, they plod on with the folly of youth, thinking they will be young forever.

I never understood this phrase until I was older: Youth is wasted on the young.

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