Sunday, February 26, 2006

The levy and foolishness

My wife told me yesterday about a conversation she had at work. She prefaced it by saying, "You know, smart people can say some really stupid things."

It seems a person at Karyn's workplace was discussing the upcoming school levy. This coworker said that she and her husband sat down, crunched some numbers, and decided that they simply couldn't afford the levy, so they voted no and returned their ballots.

When Karyn politely noted that the levy is a replacement levy--that it simply asks voters to give the schools a vote of confidence by renewing the taxes we already pay for schools--the coworker was mortified. She said how much she had regretted her vote.

How can you be a voter and not know what a replacement levy is? This issue comes up EVERY THREE YEARS. I repeat: a replacement levy JUST LIKE THIS ONE is on the ballot EVERY THREE YEARS. At some point, one would think this coworker may have read a newspaper story, seen a TV news program, or read a voter's pamphlet describing the simple fact that these are REPLACEMENT LEVIES. How do we remedy this type of ignorance? Should we institute an IQ test as a prerequisite for voting? Should we have multiple choice questions about the issue placed on the ballot, and if the voter doesn't pass the quiz, she couldn't vote?

FYI, if this levy passes, our taxes go down slightly. Read levy facts here.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was every three years.

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric. Not to worry. We voted yes. I couldn't stand the thought of seeing you holding up a cardboard sign on some Spokane street corner...although it would be refreshing to see a sign with such excellent penmenship and grammar.

P.S. We read the flyers that Dist. 81 mailed to EVERYONE so we'd some idea what the levy was about.

mike p.

Eric said...

Next time I see you I'll show you the sign I worked up. It says, "Wil teech fer fud."