Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cafe Marron

On the Friday before Christmas, the girls spent the night with relatives, so Karyn and I were faced with a decision--where are we going to eat? While Karyn tends to favor the familiar, I enjoy trying new places. Being the larger of the two of us, I won, and we ended up eating at Cafe Marron in Browne's Addition. This place has been getting a lot of press, since it is run by the same people who run Luna, and because it occupies the space vacated by Cannon Street Grill. I'm no restaurant reviewer, but here are my thoughts, briefly:

The decor was beige industrial--nothing impressive, but nice.

We split each of the following:
Parmesan custard tart with butternut squash and cider braised chanterelle mushrooms served on a bed of wilted spinach. Karyn said this may be the best appetizer she has ever had. It really was amazing.

Potato soup with smoked trout. Not many chunks in the soup except for the trout, which was very good. The soup had a strong pepper flavor.

Fall greens and green beans tossed in a Dijon vinaigrette, topped with crisp bacon, croutons and a poached egg. The dressing was great--heavy on the Dijon, light on the vinegar.

Linguine with cherry tomatoes, shaved squash and market herbs, topped with parmesan bread crumbs. A mountain of squash. Probably too much. The most lackluster of all of the dishes we tried.

Chocolate and Guinness layer cake with whipped creamand citrus syrup. It was rich but not heavy. You couldn't really taste the Guiness.

All this, plus Karyn had a glass of wine, and the bill was only $50.

Overall, this was a good meal, but I would still rather go to Mizuna. But I may return someday just for the tart.

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