Sunday, December 04, 2005

Best albums of the year

If you are in need of some last minute gift ideas, here are the two best albums of the year, hands down. First, The Sunlandic Twins by Of Montreal. It is dancable enough for the club, yet cerebral enough for the indie fan. Truly a great disc.

Second, Cold Roses by Ryan Adams. Adams has been considered alternative country, but this album moves him into new singer-songwriter territory. Hell, if my friend Erik Moeller and I both like it, you know it can appeal to everyone. It has swinging stuff, rocking stuff, mellow stuff and some great ballads.


Anonymous said...

That's true...but Moe also loves Rail! Just kidding Mojo...we all love ya. I would like to add System of a Down's CD "Hypnotize". It's an ecclectic mish-mash which can be best described as Pantera meets Zappa. I know Woody is rolling his eyes right now, but I'll burn you a copy to listen to, you might like it m'friend.


Moe said...

Hey now, Woody and I like a handful of the same stuff, not just one disk.. Damien Rice, Beck, Crue's Too Fast for Love, The Posies, Joe Firstman, and of course Natalie Merchant :)

Another recommended album for this year...Jason Mraz - Mr. A to Z

Anonymous said...

Hey Mojo, Jewel on the list.:-)