Thursday, October 06, 2005

Republicans for Roe

I was talking to my brother-in-law Jim about the Justice Roberts nomination a few month ago, and he wondered why Bush didn't nominate a true conservative justice.

The New York Times has a theory. The last three Republican presidents have not nominated a pro-life justice because they didn't WANT to nominate a pro-life justice.

Read the article here.


Jake Dunkin said...

I'm getting a real "wolf in sheeps clothing" feeling about Harriet Miers. After watching ther press conference the other day, there is one thing that I'm sure of. This country is in real trouble.
ANOTHER point to ponder: In an interview this morning, Exalted NeoCon leader and co-founder of PNAC, Bill Kristol critisized Bushes nomination of Miers and called it a slap in the face to his loyal base.. The "Christo-facist" far right.

Stacy said...

Well, I don't know if Harriet Miers is a "wolf in sheep’s clothing" or not, but I do know based on the last few days of listening to interviews that she is, or at least appears to be, Bush's last resort. It seems that the other potentials turned down the invite to candidate for the nomination. I don't blame them. Those confirmation hearings are a bitch.

Eric has always told me not to put too much stock in Republicans being "pro-life". It seems that this article proves, or at least supports, his point. It's all about the vote. It's odd that the men of the White House seem to talk "pro-life" but their wives do not.

Jake Dunkin said...

"It's odd that the men of the White House seem to talk "pro-life" but their wives do not."

Good point.