Sunday, October 02, 2005

John McCain for President...maybe

Sen. John McCain, on ABC's This Week, pushing hard for massive spending cuts in what he called “pork”:

MCCAIN: There’s a group of ... Senators and House members who are reflecting the views of our constituents, who are saying, “Look. Sacrifice. Let’s do some belt-tightening. We are mortgaging our children and our grandchildren’s futures.”
And I believe that we are wrong in Washington when we believe that somehow Americans won’t give up these...projects that are unnecessary, [won’t support a] delay [of] this Medicare prescription drug bill, except for the lowest-income people, and [won’t support] some across the board cuts...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Except sir, it seems like the American people actually disagree with you across the board.
Let me show you this [Gallup] poll...They ask how should we pay for Katrina recovery.
54 percent say cut Iraq spending.
17 percent say raise taxes.
15 percent say increase the deficit.
Only 6 percent say cut the spending you’re talking about.

MCCAIN: That’s why we’re called leaders.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a passage I came across in Chalmers Johnson's Sorrows of Empire:

"In 1997, then Seenator Robert Torricelli (D-New Jersey) proposed an amendment to the 1998 Defense Authorization bill requiring that Congress diclose aggreate intelligence expenditures. he lost, but he was able to point out that the intelligence agencies spend more than the combined national products of North Korea, Libiya, Iran, adn Iraq-and they do so inthe name of the American people but without any advice from them."

Jake Dunkin said...

The Constitution? What's that?

It's time that the a-holes that keep holding up the Constitition and proclaiming themselves the true defenders of it take the time to turn that thing around and f*cking READ IT!!

The concept of "transparency" does not mean that you can get away with it.