Saturday, September 17, 2005

No Fi Soul Rebellion

I went to see The Presidents of the United States of America at The Big Easy last night. While almost everyone was there to see the merry pranksters sing the hits off their first album, I went to see my favorite regional act, No Fi Soul Rebellion. I saw No Fi for the first time a few years ago when Gorilla and Rabbit opened for them and I was transformed. This is a band that can only be appreciated if you see them live. Frontman Mark Heimer is a perfect cross between Beck and James Brown, with a touch of Mick Jagger thrown in. I can't say much more--to do so would give away the magic that must be experienced. Anyhoo, they strode onto the stage promptly at 7. The crowd had no idea how to process what they were seeing. Notice, in the following pictures, the postures and expressions that say, "This guy's a fag," or "This is stupid." There were way too many crossed arms and hands in pockets. Attending a No Fi show requires committment. Observe.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for introducing me to this band...they are completely unique in every way and Mark is quite a character.

However, I do believe his wife stole the show.:)