Monday, September 26, 2005

My Huckleberry's hero

Tonight after dinner, my daughters and I walked to Huckleberry's. It is sort of a tradition. The girls split a pink cookie, I get a magic bar, and we sit and chat. However, this evening, after the cookies had been rung up, I realized I had left my wallet at home, and I had no cash. I could feel the blush rising on my face. I could walk back home, get money, walk back to Huckleberry's, eat, then walk back home, but by that time it would have been way past the girls' bedtimes.

As I considered what to do, the cashier, Vinh, said, "I'll pay for it. Don't worry about it. Just catch me next time." Then he pulled out his debit card and paid for my cookies. I was shocked. I had never seen this guy before, and he trusted me. Sure, it was only three and a half dollars, but I was still shocked and heartened by this display of generosity. I must have said thank you a dozen times, and, as the girls and I sat eating the cookies, I kept saying, "That was really nice of him," to the point where Claire said, "Dad, that's all you're saying."

So, when we got home, I found a fiver (it's all I had--I wanted to give him a ten), hopped in the car and hustled back to Huckleberry's to pay him back. He did seem a little surprised to see me--and his money.

Funny how a loan of $3.50 can make your whole day.


Jake Dunkin said...

A perfect example of an unprovoked act of kindess. They are rare. Sad but true. I've been known to buy the person in the car behind me at the Wendy's drive-thru a Frosty. I once watched, in my rear view mirror, a young mother trying her best to deal with a crying infant. The blank expression on her face was clear. She was exhausted and at her wits end. I paid for her entire lunch order and drove away. It may have been the best six dollars that I ever spent.
Even though you felt so greatful that Vinh had made that gesture, I know the deep satisfaction that he felt after he had done it.
I implore that anyone who reads this post to perform your own random acts of kindness. If you already do...
Big up ya'self!!

stacy said...

I believe that Vinh was shocked to see you because he wasn't expecting to see you. I don't mean to say that he thought you would never return to the store, but he did out of the kindness of his heart. He wasn't expecting or, I suspect, even wanting you to pay him back. He did it because he wanted to, and that's is most macho.