Sunday, August 21, 2005

Broken Flowers movie review

Karyn and I took in the matinee of Broken Flowers on Friday, and I must say, it was as good as the critics said it was. Bill Murray was excellent as always as a man adrift. Director Jim Jarmusch, while still using the long takes for which he is famous, injected some Hollywood style editing and (sadly) some Hollywood script conceits to bring his films to a different level. And, while at the end of many of his films I have wondered what he could possibly have been trying to say, at the end of this film, Murray’s expression seemed to say it all. Ultimately, the film deals with a man who has devoted his life to an empty pursuit. As he looks back on his life, and takes a sentimental journey back through it, he comes to a sort of realization that he shares with the boy who may or may not be his son: all we really have is the present moment. This, however, is not a call for hedonism. Rather, it is a call, reminding us to savor the importance of what is before us. At the end of the film, Murray has nothing to savor, and thus the sadness of the ending.

While the man behind me in the theater kept gently kicking my seat, I mentally compiled this list of reasons to go, or not to go, to the theater.

Reasons to go to the theater
To see a film NOW rather than six months from now.
To see a film on the big screen, which is what all great films deserve.
To see a film with a great sound system.
To vote with your dollar for a film you consider worthwhile. A film is only considered a success if it makes money in the theater.
For the comfy seats and air conditioning.
To laugh hysterically at previews as if you really think the movie will be funny.
To get out of the house.

Reasons not to go to the theater and rent the movie
To avoid other people. Must I enumerate how annoying they can be?
To watch the movie when you want, not at 9:35.
To avoid advertisements.
To avoid mistakes crappy projectionists make.
To be able to go potty when you want and not miss anything.
To save money.

Anything to add to this list?


Anonymous said...

Another reason not to watch movies at theaters is you support the evil corporate entities of AMC theaters and/or Regal Cinemas, who have ridiculously high prices, refuse to show independent films (for the most part), and kill local independent theaters. On a whole, I think movie piracy is the best choice.


Dave Starry said...

One thing...if you go to a theater to see a movie on a weekday afternoon, prepare to be bombarded by 'gangs' of old people who feel that it's okay to freely chat with each other during the entire film.

I agree, great movie, but I don't think the old people 'got it'.